Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Some Fur with Prismacolor pencils!

I like to color fur with Prismacolor pencils so I decided to share a close up of how I do it.  First you need to start with an image from Some Odd Girl or another stamp company.

This is Coffee Cat Digi Stamp from Some Odd Girl, printed onto X-press it paper.  Yes, that is a Copic paper but I like to use pencil on it to sometimes.

I start with my Warm Gray 20% and coloring in small circles lay down the color for all of her fur.  I like the tiny circle technique, but that doesn't me it's right for you.

I have switched to Warm Gray 30% and I'm going to start to work in some features using this.  You can see I am starting to work on her nose area.

Next I have started to work in the deep shadows using  Warm Gray 70%.

After adding in the darker color her fur takes on more depth and the coloring is starting to look better.

To make my Warm Gray 70% look better I will use the Prismacolor Colourless pencil. It smooths the colors out so harsh lines between tones look better.

Since I forgot the ears I'm going to do them now with Warm Gray 20% and Deco Pink.

Finished Fur!

When I color with pencils I find I color slowly.  Making the little circular motions takes me more time than flicking with an alcohol marker. You don't get that finished smooth look like you do from alcohol markers so if you want that you better stick to markers.  Personally, I love the look pencils give to fur, all that texture - yummy!

Hope some of my helpful hints work for you!

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