Wednesday, June 10, 2020

How to create a Star Card!

Decide on your card size, my example was made using a 5x7 card.  You can actually make this with any size card that opens.  You can even do this with a square card but the results will look slightly different.

Using your cutter cut the card from one corner to the opposite corner.

After the cut it will look like this.

The one with the fold makes your card base.  Decorate with your choice of papers.

The other two pieces (star points) create the front of the card.  Be sure to use strong adhesive to keep them together and they should look like the photo below.  BUT before adhering the two sections together you want to add your coordinating papers - it's much easier to decorate them as separate pieces then adhere together instead of decorating one big piece.

As the example shows below this is how the two pieces look when completed.  Once I have the star points papered and adhered to each other I added my other embellishments. You can choose to use a die cut shape or just complete your card front as it is.  This is where your imagination comes in!

Now you want to cut a notch into the card base so you can slip the top of the card into the base.  It's easiest to fold the card and cut both sides together so they are equal.  Don't cut through to the bottom but you may need to experiment with how far down you cut depending on your paper quality and weight of the top.  Start with a little cut so you can cut more if necessary.

Next pictures show how the cut looks and how you easily slip the top of the card into the base using the notches you created.

That's it, super easy right!  Have fun with it and remember there is no right or wrong way to craft - only your way!

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